The Civil Engineering Department was established in 2013 with an intake of 60 students The Department has excellent lab facilities with state of the art equipment and it has highly qualified, experienced and committed faculty members. The Department has exclusive Computer Centers consisting of Civil related software packages like ANSYS-10.0, Pro/ENGINEER 4.0, CATIA V5 R15, ADMSS, INVENTOR SERIES, AUTOMATION STUDIO, STAR-CD for CAD lab and packages like Master CAM, Emco off line simulation etc., for CAM and Automation lab. The Department is also actively involved in placement of the students through ON/OFF Campus Interviews.

    The department strives hard to impart quality education and to keep the students on the competitive edge of the present-day technology. The department consists of labs with state of the art technology to meet the needs of students.



General Workshop consisting of:

  • Fitting Shop

  • Carpentry Shop

  • Pattern Making Shop

  • Foundry Shop

  • Forging Shop and

  • Welding Shop

Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulic Machinery Lab

The purpose of Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machinery laboratory is to reinforce and enhance understanding of the fundamentals of Fluid mechanics and Hydraulic machines. The experiments here are designed to demonstrate the applications of the basic fluid mechanics principles and to provide a more intuitive and physical understanding of the theory. The main objective is to introduce a variety of classical experimental and diagnostic techniques, and the principles behind these techniques

Concrete Technology Lab

The testing and inspection of concrete and concrete aggregates are important elements in obtaining quality construction. The laboratory allows students test to assess the various fresh and hardened concrete properties that may affect the performance of concrete members. There many apparatus and machines available at the concrete technology lab like Sieve Shaker, Compressive testing machine, Flexure Testing Machine, Compaction Factor Apparatus, Heat of Hydration apparatus, Permeability apparatus etc.

Surveying Lab

The Surveying Laboratory has a wide variety of modern surveying equipment, such as GPS-based surveying equipment, total stations, theodolites, and automatic levels for basic instructional and research purposes. Undergraduate students use the laboratory as an integral part of their surveying coursework and obtain any topographic information that can help their capstone design projects, such as highway design and land development. Student use of the lab is preceded by appropriate safety training and instruction on the use and care for the equipment.

Strength of Materials Lab

Strength of Materials Laboratory offers facilities for testing building materials for their strength, behavior and suitability for various applications. The various equipments available in the lab are, 1. Universal testing Machine with shear test attachment 2. Torsion testing machine 3. Electronic Universal Testing machine 4. Digital Compression testing machine 3000 kN capacity 5. Digital Compression testing machine 500 kN capacity

Geotechnical Engineering Lab

The Geotechnics Section has three main laboratories; two dedicated to research and one to teaching. We have a long track record of high quality soil mechanics element testing. Since the pioneering work of Professor Bishop and Professor Skempton we have continued to develop our laboratories to enable and facilitate world leading research.

Engineering Geology Lab

Engineering Geology deals with the application of geologic sciences to engineering practice for the purpose of assuring that the geologic factors affecting the location, design ,construction ,operation and maintenance of civil engineering structures. Engineering geologists investigate and provide recommendations on the character of the geology of the area for engineering analysis and design. The geology laboratory comprise of samples of minerals, stones and models of folds/faults, earthquake etc� A coarse work laboratory trains civil engineering students in identification procedures of minerals and stones and study of geological maps

Transportation Engineering Lab

The Division has well-equipped laboratories with modern equipment for pavement materials testing and traffic engineering studies. The Division has an exclusive 24 hour computing facility for graduate students and research scholars. A number of application-software packages are available in the lab. The laboratories are equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment.

Faculty Details:

1. P.Sailus M.Tech HOD & Associate professor
2. A.Priya Darshini M.Tech Assistant professor
3. G.V.Raaga Lalitha B.Tech Assistant professor
4. B.SYAM B.Tech Assistant professor
5. P.Aruna Kumari M.Tech Assistant professor
6. CH.Durga Prasad DCIV Lab Technician